La Côte d’Azur

The colors of the French Riviera were so unreal: a bright azure blue that looks like it was painted onto the Mediterranean.  The cities and beaches along the southern coast of France are some of the most vibrant and beautiful places I’ve ever seen; they made walking along the shoreline seem more like a dream than a reality.

The islands off of Marseille were bordered by some of the brightest water; we visited Château d’If, made famous by its fictional Count of Monte Cristo, a month or so ago on one of the first warm days of spring:



Cassis was probably my favorite little town on the coast (and one of my overall favorite places I visited in France ).  The city is nestled into the hills and opens up to the sea; it’s composed of colorful building and is the perfect place for an ice cream:



We spent another beach day at La Ciotat, known for its role in the history of cinema.  Once again, blue waters, blue skies, rocky sand.  The water was still slightly freezing while we were there, but it wasn’t too cold for swimming:



And then, of course, there’s Nice, which I’ve posted about already:



So that’s it; mostly just posting because I never got around to photos for these trips!


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