Final Days in Aix

I cannot believe how quickly this semester has flown by; I feel like I arrived in France just yesterday.  My friend, Rosa, and I arrived in Marseille at the same time, and this morning, we dragged our luggage through the pouring rain at 4:00 am (I need to stop booking early morning flights so often) and left together.  I’m en route to Latvia for a couple weeks before heading home to Tennessee, and Rosa is on her way to Ghana.  Many of our other friends have already headed home as well.

This semester, I got to explore so many places: Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Montpellier, Nîmes, Arles, Florence, Nice, Monaco, London, Newbury, Cassis, La Ciotat, Paris, Caen, Mont Saint Michel.  So many places and so many memories.  I feel like I’ve really gotten to know the culture and people of southern France and I have absolutely loved my time there.  I’m still bitter that the lavender fields didn’t bloom while I was here, but I guess that gives me the perfect excuse to come back one day.

While the final days in Aix were a bit gloomy, we ended the trip with a bang celebrating at the Carnaval d’Aixoise, where we watched parades and performances and were coated with confetti and silly string.

I am so thankful for my time here: for all of the wonderful friends I’ve made, the memories I’ll have forever, and the progress I’ve made with my French.  It’s still not perfect, but it’s much better than when I arrived four months ago.  If you’re ever hesitant about travelling or if you’ve considered studying abroad: just go! Don’t hesitate; it will be one of the highlights of your life.


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