Weekend Holiday in London

I love London.  I love the walls covered in wisteria and the tea shops on every corner, I love the gloomy skies and the vibrant street art.  London has never failed to impress me; this weekend, I got to visit Downton Abbey, watched David Tenant play history’s most famous séducteur live, and paid way too much money for high tea.  What more does one need?


We started our Saturday at the Portobello Street Market, and it was exactly as I remembered it: colorful streets filled with too many people sifting through the vendors.


After a morning at the market, we headed towards Leicester Square to do some bookshop hunting, and I just happened to walk past Wyndham’s Theatre, where I spotted posters for a showing of Don Juan.  After studying Molière’s original piece in my French theater class this semester, I was excited by the idea of seeing it performed live.  On a second glance, I noticed that it was a rewrite, “Don Juan in Soho,” and that it was starring none other than David Tenant.  Shelby and I immediately decided that we had to see it, and then went in and purchased standing room tickets for £10 each.  While waiting for the show to start, we stopped in the National Portrait Gallery, one of the few museums in London that we didn’t hit during our art history course here two years ago.  The show was amazing; I couldn’t have picked a better actor to portray Don Juan.  The play is set in modern day London, which gave David Tenant several opportunities to diss Donald Trump during the performance.  After the show, we ran out back, where we waited by the stage door for him to come out.  Definitely one of the coolest experiences I’ve had in this amazing city.



We spent our Sunday wandering and revisiting some of our favorite places from our last visit.  Unfortunately, our favorite pub had closed recently.  I had been looking forward to going back there since we left London the last time (RIP Queen’s Head ).  We walked through some of South Kensington and stopped in the V&A for a bit (I had forgotten how truly massive it is).  And of course, you can’t put Shelby and me anywhere without a coffee break; we stopped in a cute place called Brown & Rosie before heading to bank side.




We stopped in the Tate Modern (their sky bar has amazing views of the city), then spent Sunday evening walking along the river bank.





To end the trip on an expensive note, we headed to the Jubilee Tea Salon in Fortnum & Mason for our first high tea experience.  The salon has been serving tea since 1707; we were greeted with robin egg blue and gold interiors and a live pianist.  It was definitely one of the swankiest places I’ve been to in my life and a uniquely English experience to remember.




Now, I’m back in Aix for just five more days!  I can’t believe that it’s almost time for me to leave this beautiful city and this dream that is the south of France.  On Monday, I leave for Latvia, where I’ll spend a couple of weeks before I come home to Tennessee.


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