Highclere Castle

I’m up in England for a few days with Shelby, and to start off the weekend, we spent the day at Highclere Castle, more commonly known now as Downton Abbey. We’re both huge fans of the show and spent the entire day geeking out about walking in the footsteps of Maggie Smith and crying about Sybil and Matthew. 

We weren’t allowed to take photos inside the castle, although we did see both the Earl and the Countess of Carnarvon (who live in there still today) while we were on the grounds.  Apparently the Queen herself was on the estate, where I believe the royal horses are bred, just yesterday.

Apparently, a previous Earl of Carnarvon made several important archaeological finds in Egypt, so the castle also houses a somewhat random Egyptian artifact exhibit in the basement.  After our tour through the castle, we walked the grounds, where we discovered the estate’s beautiful gardens.

I was so impressed with the castle and the grounds; £20 each for our tickets seemed like a steal, too, after paying $100 to see the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina last summer.

It was so surreal to walk through the rooms where the drama of Downton unfolded over the years: definitely a great day, I would recommend a visit to anyone that loves the show.  Shelby and I are back in London for the next few days; I’m excited to visit some favorite places from the last time we were here and to discover some new ones, too. 


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