Nice, France & Monaco

To celebrate the end of our semester at Aix-Marseille, a few of us traveled east towards Italy to visit Nice and Monaco for a few days.  The trip got off to a bit of a rough start; after arriving in Nice, we headed to our airbnb only to wait hours for our host to show up- he never did.  Last minute, we scrambled to find a cheap hotel for the night and an airbnb for the rest of the time. Unfortunately, we ended up pretty far out from Vieux Ville, so we spent a lot of time on buses but it worked out.

After a first night straight out of a travel nightmare, all we wanted to do on our first morning was relax.  After checking in to the new airbnb, we headed to the beaches.  The rocks aren’t the most comfortable place to sit on the beach, but the view makes up for it.  

After rinsing all of the beach’s dust off, we headed into the old town for a bit to wander.  Nice’s buildings are so bright and warm: a colorful contrast against the azure sea. 

We started out the third day with an “American” brunch (still not up to my breakfast standards) and some time at the market in old town.

In the afternoon, we began our ascent to Colline de Château, the highest point of Nice with an amazing view and a lot of stairs.  To climb up, you start with stairs woven between an old hotel and the mountain side, then find yourself in a park that floats over the Mediterranean.

The views from the top were simply surreal and sublime: azure waters on one side and red rooftops on the other. 

On my last day, we took the bus a little further east to Monaco.  I wanted to visit Menton on this trip, too, but sadly didn’t make it- always good to save something for the next time I guess.

Stepping out into Monte Carlo, you could tell who the wealthy people were, and of course who the non-wealthy tourists like ourselves were.  The place was kind of surreal; it was beautiful but I definitely preferred the more down to earth and colorful Vieux Ville over Monte Carlo.

After lunch by the port, we wandered through the bright streets of old town, where we were stopped by the palace to await a car with guard- somebody important, we presumed. The views from the palace over the city were stunning and a great way to end the day before hours on the bus, back to Nice, then back to our airbnb, then back to Aix.

Tonight, I’m leaving the sun and the sea for a few days to head up to gloomy (but wonderful) England to visit Shelby- we’re so excited to be back in London!


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