Nîmes, France 

Last weekend, Caroline, Tiffany, and I visited Nîmes, France, which is in Occitanie.  Nîmes is over 2000 years old and is known today for its role in the Roman Empire, which can be seen by the Roman structures that remain in the city today.



After spending a couple hours learning about gladiators and gore at the arena, we opted for a less bloody lunch at a cute vegan place, les p’tits poissons verts, where we had radish burgers with roasted potatoes.


In the afternoon, we wandered towards le Tour Magne, a Roman watchtower from the Augustinian Era that had stunning views of the city.  However, the hike up to the tower was even more breathtaking than the cityscape.  Walking through les jardins de la fontaine, we passed old men playing petanque, spotted koi and swans swimming through the water features, and breathed in the floral smells of spring.





Nîmes was one of the most beautiful cities we’ve seen this semester; spring greens and incredibly clean streets made the city welcoming and bright.  On the way to meet our blablacar driver for the ride back to Aix, we stopped in a small boulangerie for a quick snack.  The owner, an older Armenian woman, was so kind to us.  Her granddaughter wanted to serve us so she kept giving us free pastries!  She was so happy that we were able to understand her French (and we were relieved she could understand ours’); it’s sweet moments like these that remind me there are still good people in the world.





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