Montpellier, France

On Saturday, we tried out a new mode of transportation to spare our wallets; le bus.  We traveled with FlixBus, which ended up being extremely cheap, but also extremely nice.  The bus was very comfortable and even had wifi, which was nice as Montpellier was a three hour drive from Aix.  Would definitely recommend traveling with Flix.


The few of us that visited Montpellier had a fairly laid back day.  A couple of girls are getting sick again so we just wandered the city and didn’t really make plans to see much of anything specific.  After quite the walk in from our bus stop, the historic center of the city was a sight for sore eyes.  I don’t know if it was the palm trees, sunshine, or architecture, but Montpellier very much reminded me of Charleston, South Carolina.  The city was gorgeous, and we were so happy to finally have a warm and sunny day.


We finally seem to be getting the hang of the French style of eating; we spent a couple of hours in the afternoon sitting out near the park snacking and people watching in the sun.


In the afternoon, we found Montpellier’s famous archway, la Porte du Payrou, which was constructed to celebrate triumph in the late 1600s.



…and that was pretty much it.  We really aimlessly wandered the city for the entire day.  Montpellier has had the cutest shops of anywhere that we’ve been, and almost every boutique had a cute dog living inside, which made the day even more enjoyable.




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