Marseille & les Îles du frioul

This weekend, the other ISEP girls and I took the train down to Marseille.  I’ve never been to Chicago, but I think that it needs to give up its title of “the windy city” and hand it over to Marseille.  Seriously, the wind was almost unbearable at times.  A couple of us went into the weekend slightly sick and came home really sick, but Marseille and the islands were beautiful and definitely worth it.


On our first day in the city, we wandered around le Vieux Port looking at the architecture and through some shops.  That night, we stood outside freezing waiting for the event of the season- Red Bull Crashed Ice.  Basically, they set up this giant frozen ramp that runs through the city that hockey players race down.  Marseille is the European sport capital, so before the big show, there was a parade that showcased many different types of sports.  As we waited and waited for the event to start, we were surprised with an amazing firework show that lasted almost half an hour.  I am definitely not a sports person, but I did enjoy the evening.  It was bizarre though, the crowd was so quiet here; sports in the states are definitely not a quiet affair.


After Crashed Ice, we had dinner (Vietnamese) and then headed to our airbnbs for the night (ours was a chorus of coughing all night long).  The next day, we got up to catch the ferry over the islands off the coast.  Unfortunately, the boats don’t go to Chateau d’if on Sunday, so my visit there has been postponed til the next time I’m in Marseille.

We took the ferry to les Îles du frioul, which were once two separate islands but are now connected by a man made mass.



Since it was Sunday, the whole town was closed, but we spent our time on the island hiking around in the wind.



The water on the islands was so clear, and the view was amazing: both back towards Marseille and out onto the Mediterranean.  Once we made it back onto the mainland, we grabbed lunch and then decided to head home.  I really wanted to go le Basilique Notre-Dame de la garde on this trip, but we were all too tired/sick by the afternoon to make it this time.

Marseille and the islands were beautiful, but I have definitely needed the last couple of days in bed to start recovering.  I am so thankful to be out of that wind and probably won’t visit again until it’s slightly warmer.



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