Exploring Aix

Tomorrow marks the last day in Aix before the responsibilities of classes ensue; the other girls in ISEP and I have spent the last few days exploring and getting to know our new city.  Although it’s been a bit colder than we were expecting, I am in love with this city and am so glad that my study abroad journey brought me here.

The streets of Aix are stunning: the walls are mostly golden and beige tones, which brings a warm tone to the city even in the midst of winter.

Un hotel pres de la fontaine des quatre dauphins 

Today, our group visited the Musée Garnet, which houses paintings, sculptures, and artifacts.  Some more historical works were scattered among the contemporary pieces, including those of Cezanne (who painted and lived in Aix-en-Provence) and Rembrandt.

studies of Cezanne by a contemporary 

Today, while wandering towards the museum, I spotted a vintage mini cooper and stopped to snap a shot of it.  After I took my photo, a man exited from the hotel behind me, the image of old class (rose bud in his coat pocket and all), happily saying, “Ils sont les voitures dures.” We talked about the lasting quality of minis for a minute or two, with my complete lack of car knowledge leaving me not much to say but “Il est une voiture très mignonne.”  As I left him to continue on with the other ISEP girls, I wished I would have taken a photo of him with his car, as they were a perfect match.



2 thoughts on “Exploring Aix

  1. Zoe, I’m impressed with your French! You are so lucky to be that close to the sea. I can’t wait to see beach pictures. 🙂
    -Aunt Susie


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