Latvia Day Ten: Last Day in Riga

Today is the bittersweet last day of our trip, although we’ve already said most of our goodbyes.  The Harshbarger family left us this morning to head to Poland and Germany, and the rest of our group spent the day wandering around the city one last time.

A few of us visited the KGB house, although it took a few minutes to find.  Eventually, we stumbled upon the discreet building.  Also called The Corner House, the exhibition is the location that was used to torture and execute prisoners during the Soviet Reign.

Dad and I also spent more time eating and shopping our way through the old city, and we visited a few more old and magnificent churches.

We ended our stay in Riga by visiting the sky bar in the Radisson Blu hotel sky bar and saw the city from 26 stories up.

We leave to come home early tomorrow morning; this trip has been a wonderful time of love and friendship and I’m so thankful I was able to come.

I will be posting a few more times about this trip over the next couple of weeks.


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