Latvia Day Nine: Rainy Day in Riga

We started the morning with breakfast cooked by my dad in the apartment before heading to Riga First Methodist for the closing of the Friends of Latvia conference and Sunday service.  Gita did most of the service in English (a sermon about freely and truly loving others), but many parts of the service, including communion, were in Latvian, as they should have been. I have now become used to the mixed chorus of Latvian and English but still find beauty in the multitude of words.  

We said more difficult goodbyes today, especially with Vivita.  I told her I that would come visit from France in the spring, but she insisted she would rather come visit me there.  Charlotte will have a little brother or sister next time we see them!

We enjoyed the rest of the day wandering through more of the colorful old town in the drizzling rain. We spent time shopping, exploring, and walking through the St. George Cathedral, which was absolutely magnificent.  

A day wandering around wouldn’t be complete without coffee, so of course we found a neat place called RocketBean to step out of the rain for a bit in the evening.   

Tomorrow is our last day in this beautiful country, and I wish I could just go back to Kuldīga and stay there living in a dream forever. We have one more day tomorrow to enjoy Rīga before heading home.  


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