Latvia Day Four: Friends & Fellowship

Today started with another morning at the church: worshipping, laughing, and celebrating Jenny’s birthday.  The kids in bible school had another great day, and I got some of the biggest hugs I’ve ever had.  The girls made us the sweetest cards for spending time with them.

In the afternoon, we walked to the old city for a delicious lunch and fellowship.

Afterwards, Lasma, who stayed with our family in America about seven years ago,  stole me away for a bit while the others continued working at the church.  She took me to her garden and to meet her dog, Radas, who is just the sweetest puppy.

Lasma took me to dinner in a castle in the next town over! Does life get any better than that?  Raēle told me that the castle was built around the year 1200.

We spent the evening at the church working and listening to Raēle share stories about her time doing mission work in Africa.

All the time that I have for tonight, I will post more details later!


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