Latvia Day Three: Exploring and Studying

Another wonderful day in Kuldīga! This morning, we met at the church for service and bible school.  The children were all so sweet and eager to learn and play.  We had a translator in the children’s room with us, but many of them understand some English and will learn more as they grow up in school.

After a morning at the church, Vivita led us through more of the old city where we explored shops and cafés.  The city’s ancient buildings never cease to amaze me; every corner holds a story and a beautiful past.

There are cats wandering everywhere throughout the streets of Kuldīga-even popping their heads out of street windows!

After walking around, our group returned to the church for an afternoon of planning and service.  While here, we will be installing some ceiling and a small kitchen, visiting members of the church, painting, and doing other odd jobs.

Tomorrow , hopefully I will be able to pronounce all of these sweet girls’ names correctly! They are so funny and kind; as per Latvian tradition, they pronounce “Tim” as “Tims” and “Jeff” as “Jeffs.”

Fellowship with our sister church members has been so wonderful, despite language barriers.  I actually think we may bond more closely with them through this barrier because everything that we communicate has such purpose and love.


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