Latvia Day Two: Finally in Kuldīga

After a draining 30 hours of airplanes and airports and a restless night in a hostel in Riga, our group has finally arrived in Kuldīga! We left from Riga early this morning after grabbing breakfast and exploring a park across the street from where we stayed. 

It took a couple hours to drive to Kuldīga, where we were welcomed by our church family with flowers and songs.  We had service with the congregation as my friend Raēle translated for us.  The church had a lovely pianist and violinist that accompanied our mixed chorus of Latvian and English singing traditional Methodist hymns. It was so amazing to stand in the church that we’ve been praying for and thinking of for so many years.

After church we ate and then rode around the city, getting out first glimpses of the ancient buildings and structures- we drove over one of the oldest bridges in Europe and saw the city’s famous waterfall.

In the evening, we went to a farm owned by members of the church for a midsummer evening’s picnic and time of  fellowship.  Despite language barriers, the night was full of laughter and smiles (and tables full of food). It was so great to be reunited with old friends and to focus on planning how we will serve and interact during the rest of our time here.  

But for right now, I think we are all especially thankful that we will have a good night of sleep tonight- so we are ready to take on tomorrow.


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