Latvia Day One: Delays & Missed Flights

A ten hour delay- what a way to start a trip.

not-so-awful airport food

After a brief half-hour delay from Knoxville to D.C., we were on board and landed just in time to run to our next flight, only to find it delayed as well.  We were delayed for an inspection of a dent on the plane, and within minutes of receiving an all clear, we began our second delay for weather.  After sitting aboard the stationary plane for nearly three hours, we finally took off for Frankfurt, Germany.  Ironically, we touched down in Germany right as our plane to Riga was scheduled to depart; the next available flight being a whopping ten hours later.

So here we are, waiting waiting waiting in Germany for our next flight.  All restless, exhausted, and ready to be in Latvia.  I’m sad that we’ve sacrificed an entire day of our trip for airport food and sleepless fidgeting, but I am glad we made it here safely.  Just a few more hours and we’ll be on our way.


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