Getting Ready for Latvia

This Friday, my dad, several members from our church (NUMC) and others in our community, and I will leave for Latvia, where we have been partnering with a sister church in Kuldīga for years now.  Around seven years ago, a group from the church in Latvia came to visit us in the states, and we will finally get to see everyone again and share in fellowship.  While in Latvia, we will be spending our time in the capital, Riga, and in Kuldīga.  We will be exploring, worshipping, studying, and building, as well as visiting old and new friends.

I’ve finally had some time to prepare for the 12 day trip, and being the Pinterest-obsessed person that I am, I decided to share my wardrobe and prep for the trip.

Dresses from (left to right) Francesca’s, Marshall’s, Target, Abercrombie & Fitch

My suitcase isn’t terribly full for this trip, as it will be fairly short.  However, unlike during my trip to London last summer, I’m not planning on doing any laundry abroad this year. The weather is going to be fair and much warmer than I had expected, which allowed me to pack more summery options than I did for England this time last year.  For this trip, I’ve packed four sundresses, one pair of jeans, two pairs of black leggings, two sweaters, two solid v-neck shirts, and two three quarter length shirts.  I’ve also packed all of the other essentials: my raincoat, faux down vest, undergarments, socks, and sleeping clothes.  I’m bringing three pairs of shoes on this trip: black nike sneakers, leather chacos, and my green chacos (which are sadly on the verge of falling apart).

All of this leaves my maximum size suitcase fairly cavernous; I would downsize my bag, but I’ll also be bringing a banner that I painted for VBS, a new projector for the church, and some gifts for old friends.  All that empty space also guarantees that I’ll have plenty of room for anything that I might buy and bring on the trip home.

my suitcase sans gifts and items to leave with the church

My carry-on is full of other traveling “essentials” for me: new books to read, my phone, Stabilo pens, my wallet and passport, chewing gum, a moleskine notebook, my i-pad, sunglasses, and of course, my Canon sl-1 and all of its accessories.

I’m so excited to begin this adventure, and I’m so glad that I’ll be spending it with my dad and other friends, both from the states and from Latvia.  Hopefully I’ll be able to post some photos and such while we’re gone, but if we don’t have connection I’m sure I’ll be coming home with lots of photos, stories, and love.

I’m going to miss my munchkin while we’re gone!

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