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Weekend Outside in Johnson City

A warm and sunny end of winter was followed by a chilly start to spring, but it was still beautiful outside this weekend in East Tennessee.  Some friends and I took advantage of the weather to explore and enjoy the Johnson City terrain.

Entrance to the Tweetsie Trail on the Johnson City side

On Friday, I had my first road biking and trail experiences.  The first few minutes on the road were utterly terrifying, but I ended up really enjoying the ride over to and on the Tweetsie Trail.  To get to the trail from campus, we had to ride across the highway and through the JC tree streets, and then through another mile or so of road.  The trail itself runs ten miles from Johnson City to Elizabethon is a destination for bikers, walkers, and runners from across the region.

On the Tweetise Trail

I’m really excited to do some more biking and see where it ends up taking me this year.

On Sunday, some friends and I went for a chilly hike on the White Rock trail on Buffalo Mountain.  Although it was the first day of spring, it definitely didn’t feel like it when we caught a few snow flurries at the top of the mountain.

Near the base of the mountain

Despite a few patches of mud, hazy clouds, and some harsh winds, it really was a beautiful day and I was glad to have the opportunity to use my newish Canon SL1 in the mountains.

View from about half way up the trail

My friends and I kept thinking we had made it to the white rock at the top of the trail, only to turn around the next bend and spot another one a little higher up the mountain.  When we finally arrived exhausted at the rock that the trail was named for, we were rewarded with an amazing view, even with the cloudy sky.

With friends on White Rock

All in all, it was a gorgeous weekend outside and I’m looking forward to continuing exploring the JC outdoor scene for the rest of the semester.




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