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Visiting Fizz Soda Bar

Johnson City, Tennessee can’t necessarily claim a large and thriving downtown, despite it being the home of East Tennessee State University.  However, during the last few years, Downtown JC has begun the process of coming alive again.  Businesses keep springing up, and the college town’s new favorite seems to be Fizz Soda Bar.


Fizz offers both a unique menu and a neat dine-in experience.  The majority of the sodas are handcrafted and local, and they pair perfectly with the bar’s dairy and vegan ice creams in a float.  The menu presents a variety of artisan beverages that range from the more tradition root beer float, to Italian seltzers, to fruity creations.  Customers also have the choice to create a custom experience with any of the bottled sodas and ice creams available.

small chocolate seltzer

As if it isn’t enough to create mouth watering desserts, Fizz presents their floats in the most adorable and instagram worthy way possible.  Served in mason jars, each float boasts a classic red and white paper straw that takes the eyes back in time.

large custom beverage with vegan raspberry ice cream

Fizz Soda Bar is located in the reviving downtown of Johnson City.  The corner that it’s nestled in offers views of old brick and speeding trains, which can be appreciated from the long and streamline window bar.


The next time that you’re in JC, head downtown to get a treat at Fizz Soda Bar; it’s definitely not a stop that your tastebuds (or your need for hipster instagrams) will regret taking.

Fizz Soda Bar
207 E Main St, Ste D
Johnson City, Tennessee


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your first three posts, and can’t wait to follow your upcoming adventures with your new blog! As you were always a veracious reader, I knew you got to journey to places through the books you read — so excited that now as an adult, you’ll get to experience many of those places first-hand!


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